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The Teaching Studios
We strive to make music lessons fun in a family environment.
Private and Group lessons offered
Special guests, seminars, and summer camps

Private lessons currently available: Guitar, Mandolin, Bass Guitar, Piano, Banjo, Flute, Vocal and Drums.  All styles of music!

How to get started: 
Please register at the Teaching Studios counter inside the store or email for a registration form. We will put you in touch with a qualified instructor and help you decide which class is right for you.  A Registration Fee of $30 is due at the time of enrollment for each student.

Monthly Private Lessons are a minimum of $80 per month = four (30 minute) lessons
        *Payment is due on the 1st of the month.
*Months with 5 weeks will be used as make-up lessons (if needed) or extra lessons with an additional ($20 a lesson) fee.
* Guitar Lessons with Ian will include 1 private scheduled lessons per week and 1 group "drop in" lesson per week.  Group lessons are on Saturdays at 2:00 to 3:00.  These can range from small goup lessons working on building fundamental rhythmic skills necessary to playing well with others, to additional private lessons.  Ian will use these group lessons for all make-up lessons. 

Want to just try out one of our instructors?  JUST ASK!  We can schedule single or drop in lessons.  Instructor rates may vary depending on availability
and experience.  

Store Hours:
Mon. -Thurs. 9:00 to 5:00
Fri. and Sat. 9:00 to 5:00
Summer hours Mon-Sat 9:00 to 5:00

Teaching Studio Hours:
Anytime and anyday by appointment with you instructor.

Students should check in at the teaching studio counter prior to each lesson to meet their instructor and be directed to the proper studio.  Studios 1,2, and 3 are located downstairs and are available anytime by appointment with an instructor.  Studios 4 and 5 are located on the main floor and are only available during store hours.  Group lessons, seminars, performances and recitals may be offered in the Jade room.

Payment Options:  
*During business hours we accept cash, checks (made payable to Shivelbine Music), Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and debit cards and can setup automatic payments.
*After store hours please pay only with a check (made payable to Shivelbine Music).  *Payments may be given to your instructor or paid for at the teaching studios counter on the main floor in Shivelbines. 
*Guitar lessons with Ian and Tracey now require automatic payments.  Payments will be withdrwn from your card on the 1st of every month.  Please fill out our credit card authorization sheet if you are registering for guitar lessons with Ian.

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