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Shivelbine's Guitar Workshop
We treat your stringed instruments as if they were our stringed instruments!  We take pride in the fact that we can bring your instruments up to new levels of beauty, reliability and playability!  From simple string changes to structural repairs, we've got you covered.

Are you experiencing any of the following problems with your guitar?

Fret Problems

Strings are rattling on the frets
Notes are choking when bending strings
Strings are slipping of the edge of the fingerboard
Fret edges are sharp and cutting into your fingers
Performance of fretwork is not accurate for fluid styles
Certain notes buzz and rattle

Bridge and Nut Problems

Strings are breaking at the saddles
Strings are catching in the nut slots therefore affecting tuning
Strings not seated correctly in nut or saddle making a rattling sound
The tremolo (vibrato) is not returning to its neutral position
Strings are not well spaced to suit the fingerboard taper
Strings not equally spaced at nut
Strings require too much pressure to hold down

Tuning and Intonation

Chords don't play in tune evenly over the entire fingerboard 
Are you experiencing difficulties in tuning your guitar?
Does it seem impossible to tune even after checking with a tuner
The tremolo arm is not returning to pitch after use
Chords sound out of tune in one position whilst acceptable in others

Pickup and Electronic Problems

Volume controls and electrics are scratchy or cutting out
The output jack is cutting out or is loose
Switch is cutting out or not selecting the various pickups
Pickups make squealing noises at high volume
There is no output whatsoever
Pickup outputs are not balanced
There is excessive humming and noise when instrument is plugged in
The signal is not very clear
The signal is too thin almost metallic sounding

Other Problems

Strap buttons can no longer be tightened
Set up of strings is not to your satisfaction
The current setup of your guitar does not suit your playing style
If you are experiencing any of these problems with your instrument or any other problem, Shivelbine's can rectify the problem(s) with one of my many services.
It is advisable to make an appointment for a thorough evaluation and diagnosis of your instrument. This procedure will ensure the perfect job by having an insight in your playing style and instruments response.

Repairs and Restorations

Has one of your instruments suffered some severe damage? If so, all is not lost. At Shivelbine's we are dedicated to bringing instruments back to life. At Shivelbine's we have a fully equipped workshop. If your instrument has any following problems don't hesitate to get in touch.

Warped or twisted Neck
Broken Headstock
Broken or inactive truss rod
Faulty machine heads
Chipped nut no longer able to hold the string
Split acoustic bridge
Loose or cracked struts or braces
Cracks or splits on acoustic soundbox
Fractures/punctures on body of guitar
Worn bridge plate
Loose or detached bridge
Misaligned neck angle
Loose fingerboards
Loose necks
Incorrectly placed nut or bridge
Improve seating and angle of saddle
Graft missing worn wood of guitar neck
Reset neck angle to correct string height and break angle over the saddle
Refinishing Instruments

Cut & Polish - Removes surface grime cleans and polishes existing finish
Touch-ups - We offer touch ups to cover exposed wood due to chip damage, on commonly worn areas such     as on the neck or soundboard.
Scuff and Recoat - Rub existing finish and recoat to revive existing finish.
Refinish complete instrument using authentic techniques and materials.
Nitrocellulose Lacquer, CF Martin, Maton, Gibson, Early Fenders, Guild